Realizing the Results

One of the reasons lifestyle changes are difficult to sustain is due to the fact that the results are slow in appearing. A person could exercise every day and cut their calories, but they are disappointed when they barely lose any weight. Looking through their wardrobe might still cause them anxiety as they try to find something that fits, and their feelings about how they look can continue to bring them down. For those who have chosen to make small changes, realizing the results will take time is to their advantage.

Few people notice when they have gained a bit of weight because it takes time before it shows, so there should be little surprise that it will take time for it to go once they eat healthier and begin a new exercise program. Many people have been sorely disappointed when their older clothes still do not fit a month later, but it might have taken years for them to add to their size before those garments no longer fit correctly.

Small lifestyle changes are about changing habits, and some people are too busy getting used to their new habits to think about how their body is changing. They might feel better because they have more energy, but it could come as a pleasant surprise when they reach for a smaller size when it is time to go out with friends or family.

Positive changes to get healthier are about being able to sustain them, and the person who has embarked upon this journey should be less concerned with their looks than how they feel. It is not always realistic to think about losing a few sizes in a short time, and those who set their goal for a reasonable pace will often find the results they want will show up when they least expect them.